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Moving Company SEO: Improve Your Mover Business with SEO

A moving company is one of those businesses that most people need at some point in their lifetime. Whether it’s because they want to move or even when something bad happens such as fire or flood, we all know how stressful these times can be so having reputable movers nearby who can help with our needs is critical.

People research the top moving companies in their area to make sure only the best are handling their belongings. Primarily users will perform a search on Google to find moving companies in their area or region. Then they’ll select the best results, check out the sites, and put together a decision. Here moving company SEO plays an important role for top rankings on these searches.

If your business/website is not ranking in the top results, you’re losing out on potential customers. So our moving company SEO strategy focuses on gaining maximum google search real estate and rankings.

Benefits of SEO for movers:

The main goal of SEO for moving companies website is to get maximum leads and inquiries via ranking at a higher position.

Movers are often service providers that require a certain amount of work to get found online by people who need their services.

This is where an experienced freelance SEO consultant can come into play–to do everything from keyword research to on-page optimization.

It’s no surprise that when someone searches “local movers” or “cheap moving quotes” they’ll see your webpage instead of just one page with lots of results related only to those keywords! In order for us as freelancers, consultants, developers etc., it is our responsibility to make sure that we tell the people who need us how they can find out about what we offer.

Why do moving companies need to focus on SEO?

It is a fact that people will not search for moving companies when they do not require one. People usually search for a moving company when they ACTUALLY REQUIRE the service.

They will usually type movers near me or a moving company in New York to get a list of movers nearby them via Google Search.

That said, this does not mean we should ignore the need of SEO as it could lead to more customers in the future!

Therefore focusing on SEO so your business can be found easily by anyone who needs movers services even if presently they don’t know what company to choose or think about choosing. It’s our job as freelancers etc.,to let clients find us and make them want to work with us.

Did You Know?


of users search online to find a local business


 of consumers will visit a store because of information found online


of all clicks go to the first result of local business searches

So, how can our local SEO specialist help your moving company SEO?

keyword research

Area Specific Keyword Strategy​

Keyword strategy is the most crucial part for any moving company SEO. The target area needs to be carefully studied and accordingly the keyword research is conducted to find out moving company keywords.

Keywords like Moving Companies in Dallas, Moving company near me, movers in Sydney are intent driven keywords. This means users ARE searching for movers in a particular area.

Then focus on creating useful content around these keyword phrases and publish them through blog posts etc.; this ensures more visibility on search engine results pages (SERP)

on page icon

On-Page SEO

We’ll optimize your website for On-page SEO, ensuring that it appears in search engine results pages (SERPs) when someone does a query related such as {Moving Company near me} or area wise search, for example, “Moving company in New York. We will make sure they know about your business for these searches on Google.

On Page SEO Services consist of analyzing and improvising meta tags, headers, content, internal linking, alt tags and schema. So your moving company SEO strategy works optimally everytime.!

off page icon

Off-Page SEO

We will do the promotion and link building so that you get more traffic to your website. The process of this campaign is not a one-time task because we carry the movements for 12 months which would make sure that there are always links on other websites pointing back at yours. 

Plus, it’s essential to have fresh content all the time, like news articles, on-site updates or new blog posts, etc., to keep them coming regularly.

gmb icon

Google My Business Optimization

We will make your moving company Google My Businesses (GMB) description and profile focus on these keywords so that when someone searches specifically from GMB results pages, they find what they were looking for: like yours! This means we’ll optimize the site content around specific search queries related to “moving services near me” or “New York movers”.

Our local SEO specialist will build a solid local citation so that your user gets exact data like Name, Phone, Address at all the places over the web so you local seo for movers is performing as desired

Conversion Rate Improvement

So you are getting a good amount of traffic but people are not converting due improper User Interface. Worry not as our freelance SEO consultant will provide suggestions on improvising your UI/UX to make it as easy as possible for user to convert. Conversion rate optimization is all about making it easier for the potential customer to complete a desired action.

Our Process For Moving Company SEO

At CypherSEO, we have created a unique process of ROI-driven SEO for moving companies. Our process begins when the client is onboarded with us. We keep it as simple as possible so the client gets an easy understanding of what’s been going in the project.

Step 1: Website Audit & Tracking Setup

If you don’t measure (accurately) you won’t maximize. The foundation of every CypherSEO freelance service is accurate tracking. Our moving clients’ businesses are marketed as if they were our own. To make intelligent decisions about your moving company SEO, we must first look at your marketing as a CPA would do at your financials.

The majority of SEO companies boast about rankings and traffic. Guess what? These metrics mean nothing if you’re not seeing increases in profits, revenue, and booked jobs from organic searches (for terms other than your company name!).

The SEO game is a zero-sum game, which means that to move up the organic search engine ranking, you must leapfrog over websites that are currently seen as being more optimized. The question of “How much SEO do I need?” is one of the most common inquiries we receive from movers and business owners alike. If you do not do a thorough analysis of the other moving companies in your area, then you cannot (intelligently) answer this question.

We first begin with a quick audit of your moving company website.

A typical moving company SEO audit includes:

  • Analysis of the business from an owner’s perspective
  • Setting up Analytics and SEO software implementation (we use a set of amazing SEO tools no other SEO freelancers has)
  • Keyword research and identification of intent-driven keywords
  • Competitor analysis (Anchor text, Backlinks, and Content)
  • Analysis and evaluation of your website in terms of code, structure, and content
  • Analysis of your company’s online presence, including links, social media, and more

Our quick SEO audit process results in an overview report and SEO strategy, which our freelancers will present to you (allowing ample time for questions).


Step 2: Improving Your Movers’ Website’s Foundational SEO

Based on the SEO audit process data, the second step in the SEO process is to make any foundational improvements needed to facilitate your ongoing SEO success. Having well-optimized onsite content is crucial to ranking well on Google.

However, if the code and structure of your website are improper, then search engines will never find the valuable content you create. If code and site structure issues are found during the SEO audit process, they must be addressed before content optimization can occur.

The following are some common foundational improvements:

  • Modifying your website’s title and meta tags
  • Renaming not optimal web pages
  • Providing a proper structure to your website
  • Focus on improving page load speed (page load speed is a known ranking factor)
  • Improvise your local SEO with geographical based content
  • Suggestions to make your website mobile-friendly (separate web project)

Step 3: Content Creation for Better SEO for Moving Companies

Once you have a solid foundation in place and are armed with the right keywords, the next step in improving your SEO is to update your site’s content and, when necessary, add new pages. The fact is that Google doesn’t rank websites, it ranks web pages. Your site’s content allows you to rank for a specific set of keywords.

Assume that your website is a fishing boat; each page of content is like a baited line thrown into the internet sea of fish. Getting more lines in the water (website pages) equals more fish (visits, leads, and sales!) Your website content should contain your top keywords, but it should also establish your company as an authority in the markets where you operate.

The majority of movers either dislike or do not have time to write website copy. It’s okay simply because CypherSEO has professional copywriters with years of experience and they specialize in developing unique, original, relevant, and authoritative content specifically for the moving and storage industry.

Step 4: Backlink optimization and Local SEO

Optimization of your Google My Business page and overall footprint on the web is the final step in the SEO process.

Local movers are preferred by most consumers. When a user performs geographically related searches such as “movers nearby” or “moving companies in [city, state],” Google and other search engines show what is called the local pack (otherwise known as map listings):

Your Google My Business page must be flawless if you want to be included in the local pack. With our affordable local SEO service, we’ll take care of it for you and ensure it’s always up-to-date.


Local SEO for moving companies from CypherSEO consists of:

  • Google My Business management
  • Creating and optimizing web pages related to the most important service areas of your moving company
  • Local keyword analysis & targeting
  • Local Citation creation and updating existing listings with proper NAP (Name, Address, Phone)
  • Google Analytics & Search Console installation and setting up goals on your website
  • Monthly SEO reports that show your moving company’s SEO performance
  • Regular internal and external blogs
  • Google Data Studio Dashboard for easy data tracking
Other Off-Page SEO Factors

To build authority offsite, you must generate links to your site. You can think of links from other authoritative websites (manufacturer’s pages, local chambers of commerce, or the BBB) as votes of authority. Search engine visibility increases with more links from high-authority sites; however, not all links are created equally!

Buying links with the intent to manipulate Google’s ranking algorithms is prohibited, and doing so can result in your website being excluded from search results. Creating a piece of content that is truly valuable to your prospective customers is the best way to attract links to your website!

Get online visibility for your moving company with CypherSEO

People are buying/selling/renting out their properties or giving away their stuff; hence they go for a Moving company. You know that your services have a great demand.

However, the problem is there are a lot of your competitors providing the same service.

You are different, and your brand deserves an image and visibility that could be identified by your future customers quickly when they search for a moving company.

So let’s discuss how we can bring a change to your SEO strategy. 


A moving company’s SEO involves updating, editing, and creating website content and code that ranks well on search engines like Google. Websites need to be on-page SEO optimized, fast, secure (HTTPS), and mobile-friendly. The content on your website must also be unique, remarkable, and optimized. Last but not least, you must continuously build new backlinks to your website, optimize your business citations, and generate more 5-star reviews online. Lastly, you must gain citations, links, and references from reliable and relevant websites.

We provide all-in-one SEO service for a moving company which consists of:

  • On-Page SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Local SEO
  • SEO optimized Content
  • Google My Business Optimization
  • Backlink Building

There is not a pre-determined timeline for SEO results however with our experience it takes between 3-6 months. If competition is high it might take a year. But don’t just give, SEO is there for the long term and will yield fruitful results.

We do not have predetermined charges for local SEO. We create a package as per the scope of work. To give a rough amount it takes between $600-$2500 depending upon the size of the website and its SEO scope. We keep the prices as affordable as they could get for small moving companies.

The ranking is the major factor to track the success of an SEO campaign. However, we believe in tracking conversions by setting up goals in Google Analytics in order to track ROI driving factors like leads from contact forms or inquiry form fills.