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Improve Your Website's Technical SEO
Technical SEO is food for search engine robots. You have to keep feeding them with Quality Food!

Freelance Technical SEO Service

Search Engine Algorithms are always there to surprise us and are continually changing. To cope with them, we need to make our technical SEO game stronger, which is possible with our Technical SEO service.

With a strong emphasis on a high-quality user experience, a dedication to technical SEO is more crucial than ever before. So along with On Page SEO service you should also focus on the technical SEO as well.

Search engines have increasingly placed more focus –and higher rankings–on websites offering high-quality content, user-friendly interface. That means it’s essential for today’s businesses to have a solid digital base. That solid base starts with a technical seo site audit. Our specialized team paves the way for SEO success. 

It’s not a glamorous job, but like every home requires a good base, every website needs a strong underlying basis of specialized SEO. Turning attention to these basic details that boost a site’s functionality is the real key to assisting your website rank over and beyond your competitors. Our specialized SEO services cover a gambit of multi-faceted marketing campaigns that get our SEOs excited. 

Our technical seo specialists know the in and outs of technical SEO that deliver the best results for your budget; with affordable SEO services that only CypherSEO can provide, trust our team to take your website to the next level.

technical seo process

Technical SEO Site Audit

Diving into the deep roots of the website

To know the current technical SEO status on your website, we go through an SEO site audit that helps us create a roadmap to fix your website’s technical SEO sector. Our technical SEO Specialists run a quick audit of your website to improvise in these factors:


Page Load Speed Optimization

If a site takes up to 10 seconds to load, then the possibility of a bounce increases to 123%

Is your website loading with the speed of a turtle? A tune-up can improve your website’s performance. Due to Core web vitals, faster page load speed and user experience are considered important SEO ranking factors.

page load speed
schema analysis

Schema Analysis

Structured Data Markup improves Click-Through-Rate (CTR) by 30%

Using structured data markup (JSON-LD) on your site, our technical search engine optimization work can trigger enhanced search results. Improved search results lead to high visibility and increased click-through rates for your business.

Our Technical SEO specialists know which schema code is suitable for your web pages to improve your SERP performance.


Website Migration

Proper execution of website migration is crucial to maintain SEO performance.

Are you confused about migrating your website and not losing out on your current SEO Performance? We have a dedicated process created especially for website migration. The website migration process contains lots of complications that can hinder your site’s performance.

Our technical SEO team has optimally migrated several websites.

website seo migration
seo competitor analysis

Competitor Analysis

Keep your competitors close to you!

One of the best parts of our Technical SEO service is analyzing and studying your competitors. Using all kinds of premium SEO tools from our tool collection, we dig deep into your competitors’ web and search engine presence.

We obtain insights on broad and niche competitors—both at the national and local levels by researching:

CypherSEO technical SEO service consists more than what is mentioned above. Keep up to date by utilizing Technical SEO factors. Remember that the search engine spiders will determine your site’s relevance. Jumpstart by making our Freelance SEO Consultant part of your SEO strategy. If you aren’t using these strategies, you can bet rivals are.

We cover all the SEO aspects in our monthly seo package so you can focus on your business and we will focus on the SEO


Frequently Asked Questions

What does technical SEO service consists of?

Technical SEO service consists of several components, such as site speed, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), Robots. txt, XML sitemap analysis with improvements and content quality. These factors are critical to your website's online performance on Google SERP.

How much does a freelance technical SEO service costs?

Freelance technical SEO service cost depends upon the number of technical optimization requirement and fixing the technical SEO issues. We charge on the basis of scope of the technical SEO on a website

Why is it is important to focus on Technical SEO?

Technical SEO lets search engines like Google know that your website has high value. This, in turn, assists search engines to return your website to higher rankings. Building a solid technical foundation for your website will go a long way toward satisfying and delighting your users.

What makes us unique as a Technical SEO specialists?

We conduct a technical SEO audit of your website and accordingly pick the areas of improvement. We are up to date with the latest Google updates and make sure that it is being followed on your website. Technical SEO is essential to support the On-page factors of your website.