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Website SEO Audit Services by Industry-leading experts!

We know what it takes to deliver exponential growth in your business. Have our assistance and generate 100% organic traffic for your website.

Exhaustive SEO Audits

360° Website Analysis & SEO Audit Services

We give priority to your online presence as we foresee a remarkable growth of our clients in the ever-evolving dynamics of the online industry. 

Our Professional SEO Audit Services are tailored to meet your short-term and long-term business goals. We understand the budding requirements of today’s digital marketing landscapes. Our in-house experts keep their eyes on every principle of SEO that determines a website’s success online. Since we keep ourselves up to date with the ever-changing algorithm of Google, you can expect excellent results.


How do our SEO Audit Services work?

3253 - Market Analysis
Understanding Business & Your Target Audience

Before starting out, we first review your business and the audience you target. You must have a clear insight into the business and industry where you are planning to operate your online business.

3252 - SEO Specialist
Human Approach

Even today, today's Google algorithm is precise and error-free. Still, there is a high probability that it may fail to notice most of the information. That's why website monitoring by humans becomes equally essential, and our team of experts does it for you.

3239 - Competitor Anlysis
Competitor Analysis

If you anticipate a remarkable growth in the digital industry, competitor analysis is a must. That's why, after understanding your business and your audience, we never forget to hit a robust competitor's analysis.

3254 - Web Crawler
Setup Website for Crawlers/Tool

We set up your website with powerful software, e.g., SEMrush, Ahref and other paid tools to analyze technical SEO requirements.

3246 - SEO Report
Analysis & Reporting

After that, we provide SEO audits reports that your website needs a lot. Meanwhile, thorough report and audit results are prepared and delivered within the promised timeline.

3271 - Local Business
Local Citation Review

To verify that your website performance stays consistent and keeps working for long, we examine every variable of it, like contact details and further essential pages.

What includes in SEO Audit Services?

Our website SEO Audit Services carry out a comprehensive analysis of your domain to accurately predict the steps required to make your website readily visible for search engines.

 Our company also offers you guidance on how to optimize your website as per the report so that you could improve your website’s search engine rankings and maintain it.

Competitor Research

A competitor research audit includes a detailed inspection of the peers’ websites. It involves a complete competitor analysis to identify the landscape of competition where you are trying to grow your online business. From an SEO perspective, it is the ideal way to be dominant over rivals.

It examines the SEO techniques currently in use on your competitors’ websites. Based on the obtained data, we suggest methods that boost your website’s efficiency. Similarly, the predicted results become easy to achieve.

Website Structure

Our freelance SEO specialists evaluate the configuration and functionality of the website. What types of web page code are in use; everything is thoroughly examined. A well-optimized design helps your targeted audience to find the desired information with ease on your website and ensure a superior user experience.

To simply put, the best interface and design for your website are determined by our SEO Audit Services. A well-structured menu, effective internal linking, and a nicely organized content framework- all these little things make your website engaging and impact its performance.

Technical SEO

Our professional SEO Audit Services include Technical Website Audit that is designed to recognize the numerous coding and technical problems in a website becoming the reason for its underperforming features.

In our technical SEO service, we inspect and fix all the root-cause and critical technical problems in your online business. We examine all the technical SEO factors so that the web crawlers could crawl your website smoothly.

On-Page SEO

We thoroughly examine and suggest excellent ways to improve the quality of the content featured on your website so that search engines can consider it valuable in Google’s eye. Similarly, in our SEO audits, we examine the top keywords on your website that drive maximum traffic along with all On-page SEO factors

Meanwhile, we also search for duplicate or incomplete meta descriptions or title tags impacting the website’s performance. The internal linking structure of the website is also improved; fast navigation becomes possible.

Content Analysis

The content you publish on your website decides its long-term performance. Therefore, we analyze all minor as well as the major principles that reduce or boost your website’s performance. The quality content must be exclusive, educational, and entertaining. 

It should be instantly targeting your audience’s emotions. Else, it may adversely affect the user experience. The down rating of your website also stems from the poor content published on your website. 

Site Speed Suggestions

If your website comparatively takes more time to load, taking the necessary before-time becomes equally essential. Numerous factors can influence the website’s ranking. 

 A website shouldn’t take more than 3 seconds to load. But if it is a significant drawback of your website, We examine and correct any problems that could be impacting your website’s speed.

Image Optimization

Images have always been the critical component of digital marketing, making a “wordy website” visually appealing.  However, a catchy image can’t be deemed as the ideal solution. These critical components of a website must be well-optimized. 

Else, it may lead to the downfall in your website’s speed. In our SEO Audit, we spot all the minor to major components. From alt tags to keywords, we review every portion of your website so that it could turn out to be a quality website.

Off Page SEO

Off-page variables highly influence the advanced algorithm of the Google search engine. The minor flaw in the off-Page SEO of a website may put a bad impression on Google. 

We analyze your competitors backlink with our competitor backlink analysis and anchor text strategy in order to make a roadmap of off-page SEO campaigns.

Time Taken

How long do SEO Audit Services take?

To simply put, the time for website SEO audit service depends upon the traffic and data on your website. Still, you can expect approximately one month to 45 days to get your website thoroughly analyzed.  

We create a comprehensive SEO audit report about your website within these 45 days. Meanwhile, we also share the details with you in the areas which seek potential improvements.

seo audit time

SEO audits: The on-page factors affecting your SEO

All Are These Are Some Notable On-Page SEO Factors That Impact The Website’s Performance.

SEO audits: The off-page factors affecting your SEO

Why invest in an SEO audit service?

You must invest in an SEO audit package for a couple of great reasons

✔️It instantly detects the Technical Issues in Your Website

Not every technical SEO aspect can be detected through the naked eye. It can be only reviewed and detected through an experience and professional vision. Since our company is equipped with all the essential tools and expertise required for complete website analysis, your website soon becomes error-free.

✔️Identifies Competition

Most newcomers either don’t care about their competitors, or they are steadily competing with the wrong domain right from the beginning. SEO Audit Services provide you with detailed insight into the competing domains. You receive a plethora of valuable information, including strategies and the latest opportunities from competing websites that you can utilize for your own online business growth.

✔️Identifies your website’s backlink profile

Even though you spend big bucks on those expensive campaigns, still there are minimal chances that your website will succeed; More than 54% of traffic on a website is sourced organically. Experts recommend focusing more on getting backlinks from other websites because it is a quick way to rank your website and directing millions of traffic within a few months. It also provides a green signal to your website, as Google will find your website highly authentic.



We provide VALUE ADDED SEO audit prices and 4 different types of audits to choose from. All our audits will help your website to find the loopholes and improvement opportunities to meet the end goal.

SEO Video Audit

10-15 Min Video
$ 20 Delivery: 1 Day
  • 10-15 Min Value Added Video
  • On-page Overview
  • Off-page Overview
  • Competitors Overview
  • Basic Improvement Suggestions
  • Private Access
  • Implentation Follow-up

Video Audit+PDF

10-15 Min Video
$ 50 Delivery: 3 Days
  • 10-15 Min Value Added Video
  • On-page Overview
  • Off-page Overview
  • Competitors Overview
  • PDF Report on How To Fix Issues
  • Private Access
  • Implentation Follow-up

Mini SEO Audit Report

Starting From
$ 199 Delivery: 10-20 Days
  • On-page Analysis
  • Off-page Analysis
  • Competitors Overview
  • Basic Improvements
  • MS Excel-Format Audit
  • Audit Implementation Call
  • Audit Implementation Follow-up

PRO SEO Audit Report

Starting From
$ 749 Delivery: 30-45 Days
  • Complete On-page Analysis
  • Complete Off-page Analysis
  • In-depth Competitor Analysis
  • In-depth Improvements
  • Professionally Designed Custom Report
  • 2hrs Audit Implementation Tutorial Call
  • Audit Implementation Follow-up
Start SEO Audit
gETTING sTarted

How do I get started with SEO Audit Services?

Don’t worry; it isn’t that complex process. Within a few steps, you can get the industry-leading SEO audit service for your website. 

Determine the service that you want for your website and get our solutions within the promised timeline. Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal. Our 100% satisfactory services till yet have satisfied thousands of customers.  You can choose a mini seo audit or a Pro seo audit report.

If you are also looking for the website SEO audit service, remember us to boost impeccable growth in your website. Within a few months, you will observe a striking difference in your website. 

Now no one can stop your online business from scaling because, after our unbeatable solutions, you can become an achiever as we help you overcome all the shortcomings that were yet supposed to be a barrier in your online business growth.

SEO Audit Quote



    What does SEO audit consist of?

    An SEO audit reviews your website to determine how well it adheres to best SEO practices - this is the first step to creating a measurable implementation plan. The purpose of the audit is to identify as many of the foundational issues affecting organic search performance as possible.

    How much is the charge for website SEO audit service?

    We provide 3 different types of Website SEO Audit Services:

    Video Audit: $10
    Mini Audit Report: starting from $199
    Pro SEO Audit Report: starting from $749

    The Report cost depends upon the issues and scope of work. Video audit has a fixed cost.

    How a SEO audit will help my website?

    An SEO audit's primary goal is to help you optimize a website by analyzing the problems and best possible solutions to tackle them to achieve higher rankings in the search engine results.

    SEO Audit report is a roadmap for a website, guiding it towards the top of SEO optimization.

    Why should you select us for your website SEO Audit?

    With the help of extensive tools and research, we create an SEO Audit that will not only help you to find the problems in your website but also the best possible solution and recommendations to fix them. Our reports are professionally custom-made for each website. We believe in design and presentation so that our client gets a cleaner road towards SEO optimization.